Willem Dafoe Reflects On A Legendary Career: ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Justice League,’ ‘Boondock Saints’ Lars Von Trier And More

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Our friends at The Playlist interviewed iconic actor Willem Dafoe who at 61 years old, looks like he hasn’t aged in 20 years and is just as busy as he was in the mid-’90s. The interview touches on his legacy-defining roles in films such as “The Last Temptation Of Christ,” “The English Patient,” “Platoon,” “The Boondock Saints,” and “Antichrist,” just to name a few. He also talks about working with directors such as Lars Von Trier and Troy Duffy.

Venturing down memory lane, Dafoe says this about the never-ending following behind “Boondock Saints”:

It’s sort of a cult movie, but it’s got a wildly popular following. What’s interesting about it was, it was a movie that was much hyped even before it was made because Harvey Weinstein had found this bartender who wrote a script and he was going to turn him into the next Tarantino and there was a big publicity push and all this sort of [buzz about it]. The film wasn’t even made yet and the movie was sort of famous in the States. Then the director and Harvey Weinstein started fighting. They couldn’t agree on a cast and Harvey let it go. So this guy who was famous for never having made a movie all of a sudden was in search of a new producer. He found it and he made it in [a] more down-and-dirty, simpler way, but he was a kid that watched movies, loved movies and felt like there was something missing. He wasn’t trained as a screenwriter, but he wrote a personal movie, a very politically incorrect movie, [a] movie with a lot of humor. When he approached me, I thought, “Wow, he’s interesting. He’s fresh. He’s original.” So we made this very modest movie. There was lot of collaboration. It was a strong script, but whenever [you] work on a low budget, you usually have to make lots of adjustments. There is more possibility or collaboration at that level than there is with a big industrial movie.

To read the entire interview click here: http://theplaylist.net/willem-dafoe-holds-court-spider-man-justice-league-lars-von-trier-20160703/



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