Troy Duffy Talks Plot details for The Boondock Saints III: Legion, Pictures Ian McShane as the Villain

 In Press, The Boondock Saints 3

Troy Duffy, writer/director of The Boondock Saints and The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, has been utilizing social media lately to update and keep his fans in the loop about the long in development Boondock Saints III.

Recently revealing plot hints and a title, Duffy has now unveiled a few more plot details (heavier this time) and a name he has in mind for the main baddie in the next McManus brothers adventure.


Though mum on some specific plot details as well as keeping a villainous character under wraps, Duffy revealed that the brothers would be going after “white collar criminals” in the next installment and said, “America has pretty much had it up to here with our public officials, corrupt cops, judges and leaders so we’re going to be taking out a few of them.”

Partly representing this corrupt leadership of criminals in the movie will be a character Duffy calls “the most corrupt mother#@$er in Boston’s history” and said the brothers will take the character captive in order to “find out where all the bodies are buried.” Duffy said he pictured Ian McShane when writing the role.


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