Troy Duffy Reveals Title and Plot of ‘Boondock Saints 3′

 In Press, The Boondock Saints 3

If you had told us that The Boondock Saints was still going to be a cult sensation 15 years after it came out, we wouldn’t have believed you. Troy Duffy’s over the top vigilante flick seemed like just another post-Quentin Tarantino riff at the time: perfectly fun but pretty similar to the legion of other crime/comedy/action movies making the rounds in the late 1990s. Maybe a little more Irish, but otherwise pretty familiar stuff. But boy, would we have been wrong. The Boondock Saints never went away, and still has plenty of fans buying t-shirts and keeping demand high for a third installment, which writer/director Troy Duffy assures us is coming, and now has an official title.

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