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The Boondock Saints Comics are written by writer/director Troy Duffy and J.B. LOVE (with art by GUUS FLOOR and covers by CHRIS BRUNNER) and 12-Gauge Comics.Join the McMANUS BROTHERS as they uncover the full extent of their family’s legacy of violence, leaving a path of vengeance in their wake!
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Here’s a sneak peak into the issues…

The Boondock Saints : The Lost Gig (comic):

Written by BOONDOCK SAINTS creator/writer/director TROY DUFFY and comic scribe J.B. LOVE, (with art and cover by TOBY CYPRESS) “The Lost Gig” is a brand new “in canon” story that ties directly into the first Boondock Saints film. “The Lost Gig” features fan favorite character ROCCO along with the BROTHERS McMANUS as they take on a group of drug dealers, right before their famous encounter with Vincenzo.


The Boondock Saints : In Nomine Patris (comic):

Tells the secret history of Il Duce – how he went from simple leather worker’s son to the ultimate Bad Ass we know and love in the Boondock Saints films. We pick up with the flashbacks from BDS II : All Saints Day and expand from there to tell this original tale. Additionally, the series includes an all new Brothers Adventure that takes place on the fateful night prior to All Saints Day’s explosive greenhouse finale.


The Boondock Saints : The Head Of The Snake (comic):

The world of New York’s 1960s Mob Families is breaking apart, and it’s due to Noah McManus and Louie Patronazzi. Their plans are coming to full fruition, and before they’re finished only one Family will remain. Noah’s transformation into Il Duce is nearly complete, as well as Louie’s own transformation into something Noah will never suspect – until it’s too late. Join us for the end of Volume Two of ‘The Secret History of Il Duce’, as everything changes, destinies are fulfilled, and the road to the future opens before us…the road to WAR.
Also, we rejoin Connor and Murphy months before ALL SAINTS DAY, as their self-imposed ‘retirement’ in rural Ireland is disturbed once again, when Uncle Sibeal calls on them to put an end to a very powerful man with very powerful – and dangerous – allies.



“In Nomine Patris” Volume II Issue #1: The Head Of The Snake

*A 22 page full color story that not only dives into the history of IL Duce but tells an all new story with the brothers!


*22 pages of full color action! ‘The Secret History of Il Duce’! The amazing finale starts here! The Mob War has begun. The four remaining families making up New York’s La Cosa Nostra are at each other’s throats. And for Noah McManus, now well on his way to becoming ‘Il Duce’, things couldn’t be better. His childhood friend and partner in vengeance, Louie Patronazzi, would control him for his own ends, but how do you control someone who has become more monster than man?
*22 pages of full color action! The final installment of the Comic Book series: ‘The Secret History of Il Duce.’ Llearn the full story behind events in the hit film BOONDOCK SAINTS II: ALL SAINTS DAY!

The End is here. The landscape of the 1960’s New York Criminal Underground lies in ruins, and Il Duce stands victorious…or does he? Those left standing may have other plans, including a man now known as THE ROMAN.


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