Norman Reedus confirms ‘Boondock Saints 3’ is his big project for 2016

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Season 7 of #The Walking Dead has already started which means#Norman Reedus, who plays the wildly popular Daryl Dixon, will have some free time within the next few months. Reedus has confirmed that “Boondock Saints 3” will happen.

‘Boondock Saints 3’ is coming!

In September of 2015, the film’s producer,Troy Duffy, announced on his Facebook page that “Boondock Saints 3” was in the works. The original saints movie did not hold the same notoriety that box office hits hold; but to the tried and true fans of the movie, this does not matter to them. They understand that at the original time of release, the Columbine High School shootings had happened so the release was changed and when it did hit theaters, it was for a very limited time and only at select theaters. “The Boondock Saints” went to video right away. The second film went right to video and outperformed the original, finding success in the video market.

Norman Reedus makes fans happy

“The Walking Dead” star discussed in 2015 that he had already started filming the saints movie along with Troy Duffycontinue reading

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