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12-Gauge Comics proudly announces the sellout of Troy Duffy’s BOONDOCK SAINTS: THE SECRET HISTORY OF IL DUCE #2.


Fans of the film series continue to seek out the new title, which has resulted in a steady flow of reorders from comic retailers across North America. 12-Gauge publisher Keven Gardner said, “Clearly, the Boondock fans can’t get enough of the McManus family and their adventures. We anticipated this kind of demand and did a very healthy over-print with each issue, but it still wasn’t enough. The legend of the Boondock Saints continues to grow!” Eben Matthews, The Boondock Saints comic series producer, added, “The Boondock fans are the best. Being a life-long fan of comics, and a long time fan of the Saints, I knew that Troy Duffy’s creation would translate perfectly into comic books. I can’t say enough about this creative team and the job they have done.”

On the heels of this successful launch, 12-Gauge urges retailers to double check their orders on Volume II of the “IN NOMINE PATRIS” saga, which hits the shelves this October. BOONDOCK SAINTS: THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE #1 follows Noah (IL DUCE) and Louie, as their mission begins to make serious, bloody waves in New York’s 1960s Underground Crime world … READ MORE



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