Boondock Saints Featured in ‘Trainwrecks Today, Masterpieces Tomorrow’

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I watch a lot of movies and have yet to see “Taxi Driver” but judging simply by the premise this feels like a modern version of that. I grant you it’s not a Scorcese film, but it damn sure is amazing on it’s own right. It takes the premise of “Taxi Driver” and infuses it with the fast pace, pop-cultured infused decade that was the 90’s.

A simple premise to start is it follows the MacManus brothers in Boston who, after a simultaneous epiphany, decide to cleanse the streets of criminals of all kinds under the guise of religious influences. They place pennies on the dead’s eyes as done in ancient Greek times for the souls of the dead to have fare to pay the boatman to get across the sea of the dead to the underworld. They speak a prayer before they kill a man. To authorities these two are maniacs, especially FBI agent Paul Smecker who is played eccentrically by Willem Dafoe in one of his most insane roles (I love every minute of his screen time).


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