Boondock Saints 3 2014: Norman Reedus to Appear? New Details About Title and Plot

 In Press, The Boondock Saints 3

New details about Boondock Saints 3 have just come out following writer and director Troy Duffy revealing pages of the script ealier this year.

Duffy took to Facebook recently to answer questions from fans, many of which had to do with the third addition to the Norman Reedus- and Sean Patrick Flanery-led franchise.

Duffy told a fan that he wants to reclaim the “boots on the ground” feel of the first film and that Boondock 3 will find the brothers having a newfound “notoriety” since entering prison, reportedFlickering Myth.

He also said the movie will delve a lot into the McManus brothers’ past and flashback to the “very first crime” for those God loving, hard drinking criminal killing duo.


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