Boondock Saints 3 Release: Norman Reedus & Brad Pitt Are Co-Stars?

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So far you’ve heard a lot about BDS3 and for most it’s not enough! Here’s some info from

Although the Boondock Saints 3 release date has yet to be unveiled by the film’s writer and director Troy Duffy, word has it that the production is hot on the heels of certain A-listers to add to the third sequel, including Mr. & Mrs. Smith star Brad Pitt.

 The action movie franchise has always had rocky beginnings. It earned very poorly when the first Boondock Saints came out in 1999, with just $50 million in domestic video sales under its belt. But like many low key, troubled films of its kind, it gained a strong cult following throughout the years. That’s why even with its dire performance in the box office, dedicated fans are still waiting for any news about the Boondock Saints 3 release, and who are coming back to help revitalize the series.

Norman Reedus confirms third movie: ‘it’s happening!’

Boondock Saints 3 was greenlit by none other than Norman Reedus himself, who starred as one of the fraternal twins Murphy MacManus in the original movie. During an “Ask me Anything” session on Reddit, the Walking Dead actor replied to a fan asking for a progress report on the third movie. “Hey good morning. Yeah it’s on. In the works, happening.”

Duffy was the very first one to ever confirm rumors of Boondock Saints 3 coming in the near future. The working title thus far has been Boondock Saints 3: Legion, which follows Connor and Murphy being labeled as legends in their notoriety.

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